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MeowEver 2 & MeowEver Little Heals the heart like a real cat

A special cushion that looks and feels like a real cat, with a special purring mechanism to soothe and warm the heart! Made using special fur, the MeowEver warms in the sun and is perfect for taking a nap with or on! It is a great companion for yourself or even your cat, with the original MeowEver being a massive hit for those with cats here in Japan! 

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The MeowEver uses a special fur that has been developed here in Japan, that has a special characteristic of producing warmth. By placing it in sunlight for about 10 minutes, just like a real cat would, the temperature rises to a snug 40 degrees, close to that of a real cat.

Special Eco-fur that has a brilliant warming effect

Two sizes perfect for parent and child!

This project looks to bring the MeowEver 2 which is an update from the original base model, that is a perfect size for adults, as well as the MeowEver Little, which is made to be easier to carry for your little ones. You can get both and feel like you have a cat and a kitten in your home! 

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