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Beautifully Made Traditional GETA Sandals

Made one by one by hand by master craftsmen, these sandals make a beautiful sound when you walk and looks to help correct your posture! With a specially designed sandal strap as well as smooth, comfortable, warm wood, you will find yourself enjoying your time wearing the sandals, and look forward to when you can wear them again! Special launch returns are also available allowing you to get yourself a pair at 30% off the RRP! Sign up to get notified on launch!

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Thanks to the way traditional geta are made, you will notice that your center of gravity becomes more level and your posture becomes straighter. Also without realizing it, you use your toes and the soles of your feet quite a bit when you walk around in the geta. So the muscles in your feet become stronger and the arch in your feet are more formed and supported. Thus, you can expect to improve the balance of the body's center of gravity and posture.

Help to correct your posture!

Geta straps made to fit to you

The geta straps are made using traditional methods, by tying the side straps and frontal straps together, which creates the hana-o. This strap fits snuggly between the toes, and as you wear them frequently, they adapt to the shape of your foot, slowly becoming a pair of sandals that are truly made for yourself! 

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