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Watch as the glass fills and brings extra colour to your dining table, letting you enjoy Mt Fuji and Cherry Blossoms even if you in another country! 

Pour and watch in amazement as the tumbler changes near instantly!

Colour Changing Tumbler
Mt. Fuji on Your Dinner Table

Refresh yourself with a cold drink in the Colour Changing Tumbler and watch cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji come to life on your table! Be it cold water, juice, or even a cold brew, watch as the cherry blossoms bloom as you pour your favourite cold drink into this amazing cup. Made by artisan crafters that have been making porcelain and tableware for over 130 years, be sure that the glass you get is extremely well made! 

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Marumo Takagi 

A company with over 130 years experience!

The tumblers are the product of Marumo Takagi, a company that has a long and proud history of making pottery and porcelain.

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