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This original hot sandwich press has a lot of neat tricks that will make your experience more enjoyable and your food more delicious! First of all, you can easily remove the handles for fast and compact storage, and it makes it super easy to carry around as well! This feature also allows you to use each side of the press separately as dishes. Because the two sides can be separated, it means more efficient and varied cooking! This press can be used on a gas burner of course, but also in the oven or directly on a grill, as well as on electric and radiant heating hobs to cook an even larger variety of dishes!

Expand the possibilities of what a hot sandwich press can do!

The Glamp Hot Sandwich Press: Not just an ordinary press!

Change how you camp with this multifunctional Hot Sandwich maker! A new upgrade to the hot sandwich press from GLAMP has arrived! Don’t be limited to just hot-pressed sandwiches with this new upgrade! Create with ease, a whole selection of dishes! What’s more, you can use this unique sandwich press as a dish to chow down on the food you made with the press, letting you enjoy piping hot food without fussing about for another plate!

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High-quality plates

The Glamp hot sandwich press comes with beautifully coated plates, with a thermal-resistant coating, a rare feature on a hot sandwich press. A fluorine coating on the inside also helps to prevent food from sticking to the plates. Thanks to the use of die-cast aluminum, it doesn’t allow the heat to escape easily, which allows for it to slowly transfer heat to the food. The grill side of the press is also great for cooking meat and vegetables. It helps excess oil to be removed and means that the food has a wonderful grilled finish! 

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