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The Kusakura Sashiko fabric is brilliant when it comes to dealing with outside forces. Other generic T-Shirts tend to stretch and sag when worn for a while or just with everyday use, but these T-Shirts made with their own sashiko fabric can be used for years to come! This fabric can be easily washed at home, is very resistant to wrinkling, and doesn't lose its shape.

Judogi, the name of the outfits used by those that do judo, have an image of using a fabric that is rather stiff and strong, but Kusakura Sashiko judogi is comfortable on the skin, and after washing multiple times, it has a soft feel to it while retaining its strength.

A tough fabric woven by judogi makers

Kusakura Sashiko T-Shirt: Made by a beloved judogi maker!

With a colour inspired by the sea that surrounds Japan, this newly designed round-neck tee looks to promote traditional Sashiko fabric! Sashiko Fabric is extremely durable and of the highest quality, and is well known and beloved by many judokas around the world!

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Careful crafting for a fabric of outstanding quality

Kusakura Sashiko fabric is made using old-style looms made with our craftsmen collecting parts from various regions of Japan. If a loom breaks, it can be tough to find the parts to fix the loom. Even after starting to weave, the tension of the fabric needs to be adjusted often with weights and is a heavy manpower process, as much of the process can’t be left to the looms' own devices. However, with the work of amazingly skilled craftsmen overlooking the looms, adjusting the weights and so on, Kusakura can make fabric that newer automated machines can’t, with a special texture that is unique. This is also what makes the material become supple and soft.

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