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Kunai Letter Opener: A cool letter opener with ninja origins

Based on traditional the Ninja tool, this letter opener is made using traditional methods and is both functional and decorative! With each letter opener being made individually by a skilled craftsman, you can be sure that this unique piece of stationery will be one of a kind! Special launch returns are available when the project launches, allowing you to get 25% off the future RRP! 

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Each letter opener is handforged by a skilled craftsman, that makes sure that each kunai is up to a standard and quality that they are happy with. Each letter opener is also hammered on the face, which gives each one a unique hammered marking, and on the back of the letter opener, the symbol for shinobu -忍- is also added to give it additional style. 

A unique specially crafted letter opener

Safe for all to use!

The edges of the letter opener are made so that it easily cuts through paper when folded, making it great for opening letters, but it isn't sharp enough to cut through skin, making it a safe object to display on your office desk!

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