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The Kubota Ceramic Wave Coffee Filter

No waste, no weird tastes, durable and eco-friendly! Enjoy coffee and other drinks with a deeper richer flavour! By not needing any paper filters, you can reduce your carbon footprint, without compromising your coffee enjoyment! You can also enjoy the coffee, or many other beverages in fact, and find the true taste of said beverage! 

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When compared to other ceramic filters that might be on the market, the Kubota filter has a specialised surface that doesn't interfere with the coffee, meaning that the acridity of the coffee isn't increased! It is also produced so that the coffee fines aren't extracted, meaning that the coffee tastes cleaner and overall better! 

A coffee filter that refines the taste

Semi-permanent that is great for the environment

Ceramic filters allow for the user to pour the coffee grains directly into the filter, meaning the only waste product is the used coffee grains, making this extremely environmentally friendly. You can reuse the filter by washing it out and cleaning it.

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