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Traditional Japanese Dolls come to Kickstarter!

Made using traditional Japanese techniques, these traditional kokeshi look to bring good luck and happiness to your home! A whole selection are available during the project, from the exclusive Evil Repelling Oni and Inari Fox Kokeshi, to various kokeshi that represent various parts of Japanese culture and mythology! Special Launch Returns are being prepared that lets you pick up the exclusive kokeshi at a even more discounted amount! This return is only available for the first 24 hours, so sign up to get informed on launch!

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It is not common knowledge for how many processes and how long it takes to make a kokeshi doll.

It is a long road from start to finish. It takes approximately a year from felling of the tree, until it fully dries, where it is then suitable for use to be made into a kokeshi! It is then shaved and roughly polished, then finely polished, and then sent on to other skilled painters and so on to painting, and then finally assembly. 

Traditionally made by skilled Artisans!

No two the same

One speciality of kokeshi is that as each one is hand made, no two kokoeshi are the same, as each one shaped and shaved by hand and is painted individually by hand. This means that even if two kokeshi are made to be the same type, they may have a separate expression that can be seen. By just making it seem like the kokeshi is tilting its head, or changing the pattern of the painted kimono, the expression of the kokeshi also changes. 

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