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Made with Kuroki Denim dyed with INDIGO dye, which is made up of extra dark colors and produces a strong contrasting fade after repeated use. You can enjoy the ageing process for many years to come! Fujikinbai No.8 canvas, first made in 1948 and one of the finest Japan-made canvas fabrics is used in the making of this denim! But the details that makes this jacket stand out is the Kiryu Obi fabric used on the pockets, an Obi fabric famous in Japan for its outstanding quality!

Carefully Selected Materials

Traditional Japanese Jacket - Obiji Hanten

Japan is well known for having a wide variety of traditional clothing, such as kimonos, hakama, yukata, and jinbei, as well as using materials and patterns that match each of the four major seasons. This Hanten is born from a collaboration of world-class Kojima denim and traditional gold brocade obi fabric!

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The traditional yet original Hanten

This project introduces the traditional Japanese "Hanten", not as common in the west as the haori, it originated in the Edo period more than 300 years ago and was used by carpenters and firefighters as daily wear and work clothes. This original jacket is especially suited for a casual style and compliments western outfits in a cool and fashionable way!

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