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The kiriT Hoodie & T-Shirt: Born from paulownia wood!

Using waste wood created when making traditional drawers, these clothes are extremely multifunctional thanks to the natural properties! With both free flowing t-shirts and hoodies available, you can find something to meet your needs! There are four colours and 4 sizes available for backers, and with special launch returns that allow you to pick up the Hoodies & T-Shirts at a brilliant 30% off! 

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Making use of paulownia wood that would otherwise be scrapped after the original piece of wood has been used to create traditional paulownia dressers, it is turned to powder which is then made into paper. This paper is then made into thread which is used to make the T-Shirts. 

Creating a wood fabric from waste wood

Natural material that has unique properties

Thanks to the used of paulownia wood thread, the shirts and hoodies are packed with various special properties, such as being deodorising, humidity control, quick absorbing and drying, durable, and well as feeling comfortable on the skin. It is also bug repellant! 

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