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Kintsugi Kit : The Art of Repairing Brokenness with Gold

The Japanese art of restoring broken pieces of pottery with lacquer and gold. Create something more beautiful and resilient at home. Kintsugi is a truly quintessential piece of Japanese culture, that encompasses various parts of the Japanese psyche. Using traditionally used items such as urushi lacquer, which has been a long-used material since ancient times, this kit also gives you the chance to not only repair broken objects but also broken spirits, letting you have time to reflect inwards as you work. 

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This kit is full of traditional Kyoto techniques, all stored in a beautiful but practical box that contains real urushi lacquer, as well as materials used for the foundation (known as shitaji), brushes, spatulas, creating an all-you-need starter pack for kintsugi! The creator has taken into account the natural environment, and has chosen food-safe materials that aren’t harmful to humans

A kit that contains all you need to perform Kintsugi

Each Kit comes with a Video Lecture series

While you’re in the comfort of your own home, experience and learn Kintsugi for yourself, while you follow along with a master of the craft! Through a series of nine lectures, you will learn everything you need to know from how to hold and use the tools, the preparation needed, the adhesion processes, all the way to the final finishing stages, with each step explained in depth while also being easy to understand. Each lecture is separated into individual chapters explaining each process in depth, making it easy for you to go back to a step that you are unsure of. 

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