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Real KIMONO T-shirt : Enjoy Kimono Culture Wherever You Are!

Using patterns copied directly from real kimonos, you can experience traditional Japanese culture worldwide! The Real KIMONO T-Shirt has been designed with the idea of letting people experience kimonos wherever they are, while also making the hurdle of enjoying the culture lower. With a selection of different patterns available enjoy these amazing T-shirts! 

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Each Shirt Has Its Own Meaning

The patterns of the T-shirt are all unique and come from various kimonos. These patterns each have specific meaning, from auspicious animals, to good luck charms! Kimono Patterns are deeply connected with Japanese culture and tradition and represent various seasons, special turning points in our lives, or our own beliefs and convictions.

A new way to enjoy Kimonos

With the creators concept of Wear Kimono, they look to only authentic kimono, and utilising their power and the meaning behind the colours and patterns, they create T-shirts in a vast amount of sizes that are also easy to care for. By doing this, they look to tell people worldwide how amazing and fun kimonos are!

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