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One of the main concerns when using a towel is the smell. However, since towels come into direct contact with the skin the creators decided to apply an air catalyst technology to the towels. Using a processing agent made from 100% natural ingredients, they have achieved a skin-friendly and safe anti-odour effect.

An air-catalysing process means your towels smells lovely all the time

Kikukaze Towels|Harnessing the true power of cotton

Using exquisite materials & brilliant craftsmanship, the Kikukaze Towel is superbly soft, great for sensitive skin, be it old or young! Using no chemical washing to help keep it as natural as possible, the Kikukaze towel has beautiful ecru colour, the natural colour of the cotton used. Combined with a natural air-catalysing processs, the towel keeps fresh smelling for longer!

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Made in Senshu, 
the birthplace of Japanese Towels

Using the techniques handed down the generations of amazing towel makers, combined with the surrounding natural environment which is amazing for towel making, the towels are some of the best towels that you can get!

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