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Kariyushi Wear| Japan Made Shirts That Bear Okinawa’s Spirit

We've taken Okinawa's 300-year history of traditional craftsmanship and incorporated it into today's fashion world! With a unique feel, these beautiful shirts are great as a way to mix up your style, and can be used for really casual situations, or buttoned up for a more playful but sleek look! 

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The designs for these casual dress shirts adopt patterns from the traditional craft Bingata. gata is known for its bold patterns and vivid colors, and is identified as using a dyeing technique that is unique to Okinawa. A lot of the images are of landscapes, plants, birds, and sea creatures, portraying the beauty of nature. Depending on the item, it can take several weeks to a month to dye a kimono or obi. Unlike regular stencil dyeing, each piece is dyed one by one using a small brush creating an expensive product through a very detailed process!

Incorporates Okinawa's Traditional Crafts

Made in Japan Fabric Perfect for Summer

The fabric used for the shirts and the Haori is made in Japan (100% polyester).

It is not see-through and has a soft, light feel to it. It is machine washable which is an added bonus! Especially in summer, it is still comfortable to wear thanks to its water-absorbing, quick-drying, and UV-cut features, along with the contact-cooling type fabric.

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