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One of the major features of the Kamadohan is that you only need to wash the rice, add water, set the solid fuel on fire, and wait. No tricky heat adjustment required! But it is not the only way to use it! ​​Since it is a heat-resistant earthenware pot, it can be placed on the stove on top of a mesh sheet and cooked directly over the fire.

No heat adjustment required, just light some solid fuel!

Kamadohan | Your Own Traditional Claypot Rice Cooker At Home

A traditional Kamado with a twist, made in the mountains of Tamba. When using this traditional clay pot rice cooker, no heat adjustments or stoves are required! The “Kamadohan”, is an authentic kamado rice cooker that can be used simply by lighting solid fuel on fire! In addition, each piece is handmade by a skilled Japanese potter!

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A compact design, easy to use and store!

The Kamadohan is a small one-cup ceramic cooker that can be placed on the dining table to wait for the rice to be cooked. The time spent waiting for the rice to finish cooking also becomes a pleasure as the steam gently rises and the appetizing aroma of the rice fills the room! Because of its compact size, rice left in the earthenware pot can be reheated in the microwave as is. After use, the pot can be disassembled and conveniently stored, so there is no need to worry about it taking up space in your storage area.

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