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Kaihara Denim Haori: A traditionally made haori for today

Using specially made Kaihara denim which uses pima cotton, as well as traditional sewing, this haori is a versatile coat for modern day. This high quality cotton is known as extra long cotton, with properties that make it tough and fine, with the final result being a denim that is supple and soft, while also being sturdy. Special launch returns are available for the first 24 hours which let you back the project and get a special Denim Haori at up to 30% off!  

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By using thin by strong extra long cotton, the denim is supple but also durable. This high quality fabric has a rich history as a Yonezawa fabric, made by the amazing craftsmen in Yonezawa, Yamagata prefecture. Even today, Yonezawa City is famous as being a manufacturer for large apparel companies such as TSI, and is one of Japan’s most famous cities.

Made Using Wonderfully Durable but Supple Pima Cotton

Beautifully handmade by artisans 

Made using traditional dyeing techniques and weaving methods, the haori utilises Kaihara denim. The thread is first warped before being dyed in a special way that helps to give the denim its beautiful fade. It then undergoes various processes to get the ideal colour. This denim is then manufactured by skilled craftsmen to a excellent standard.

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