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JUBAN T-shirt - A Japanese Made Shirt With a Sashiko Collar

Made by Japanese craftsmen, bringing traditional Japanese fashion and culture to an everyday style! Looking to bring the style and culture of kimono into people's everyday lives, they have designed a special T-shirt that uses a collar resembling a kimono, allowing more people to enjoy the kimono culture without struggling to wear one!  

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Being made in Japan, the shirts are made with an emphasis on durability and comfort with the cooperation of manufacturers that have been involved with T-shirt production for many years. By working closely with experienced manufacturers, who are skilled in using special materials and are able to produce high-quality finishes, products that can be loved for a long time have been created. Focusing on both durability and comfort, comfortable and sustainable quality are on offer, delivering something of a special value to our customers.

Outstanding Durability and Comfort

A whole variety of patterns to choose from  made using sashiko-like fabric

A noticeable trait of JUBAN T-shirts is the collar material and pattern. The fabric used for the shirt is a sashiko-style fabric. Sashiko is a type of a traditional Japanese handicraft stitching technique. This technique is a method of sewing patterns onto fabrics, creating beautiful designs and patterns. The fabric used for this project is one that is machine-woven but done in a sashiko style.

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