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Joshu Ruri: A fusion of traditional ceramics and religion

Ceramics made by an artisan potter who looks to preserve traditional techniques while making unique modern innovative designs! To commemorate the artists 30 years in the business, he is looking to bring a new brand that fuses traditional Japanese techniques with modern tastes.

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Each piece is handmade using traditional techniques, and the items are infused not only with Japanese tradition, but also are made with the spirit of biblical characters in mind, from a pattern that brings to mind the scene of Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai, to Wise King Solomon. 

Inspired by various characters from the Bible

The brilliant qualities of the materials used

The materials that are used for the pieces of art are hand-chosen, with them being the high-quality available. This is due to the pots being made by hand, with the designs being delicately made, only the highest quality material is acceptable to stand the test of time.  

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