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A display case is available for those that wish, which is the perfect place to display your scissors, as well as the letter opener if you participated in the initial Kickstarter Project!

Display your Scissors in Style!

Japanese Samurai Sword Scissors: Made in Japan Stationery!

A pair of Japanese Samurai Sword Scissors that takes on the motif of famous Japanese Generals and Warriors of the past! The creators of the super successful Japanese Samarai Letter Opener is coming back to Kickstarter with the Japanese Samurai Sword Scissors! With 3 normal options, a premium option and a special stand available this is must have for those that have backed the original Letter opener project! Nikken are famous for its cutlery, and it means that each pair of scissors are made by specialist masters of their craft, promising a quality and sharpness unmatched!

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A special limited edition boxed version of the Samurai Sword Scissors available

A special Tokugawa version of the Sword Scissors will be available to a select few backers, which will come in a crafted box, making it great to give as a high quality gift!

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