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The setta sandals are dyed in indigo, also known as "Japan Blue", which not only has a beautiful deep color but is also a special color that Japanese people feel is a representation of Japan. Aside from its beautiful color, it is said to have additional benefits: the fiber in the clothing becomes stronger after indigo dying and having insect repelling and anti-bacterial effects.

-Bushusho Aizome Indigo Dyed Sashiko Fabric- “Japan Blue”, A Beautiful Color That Is Unique to Japan

"JAPAN BLUE" Cushioned Japanese Setta Sandals

These Japanese setta sandals are made using the beautiful traditional Japanese textiles, indigo dye and sashiko fabric which has a long and fascinating history. Some of the things that makes these sandals amazing and great for modern times is that there is memory foam both in the sole and insole making them incredibly comfortable to wear even on hard concrete. Also the outsole uses a traditional Japanese pattern that has fine grooves providing a good grip making it more slip-resistant. Made by a company that has been involved in kendo for many years, they take martial arts uniforms that are no longer wearable but still have an emotional attachment, use the fabric to create custom-made goods. Which shows a true beauty to Japanese values and appreciation.

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A Fusion of Good Old Japanese Tradition and Modern Technology. They Go Well With of Course Japanese Wear but Also Denim!

You can choose you want to wear and accessorize these sandals. For a more traditional Japanese style and feel, you can get a pair on the smaller side to where your heel comes over the end. Or choose true to size and wear them casually!

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