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Iwayado Tansu: Traditional made drawers and pot stand

With a history of over 240 years, the Iwayado Tansu are a traditional craft that uses natural materials and long held crafting methods. With a traditional set of drawers alongside a pot stand that will protect your tables when you might have a crockpot or serving of something hot that is placed on the table. There are special launch returns that are available, that lets you get set of drawers at 30% off the future RRP.  

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The Pot Stand and the Set of Drawers are made using traditional methods, which employs careful selection of the wood that is used, and then special manufacturing methods to ensure that the items are made to high standards. The finished items are then coated with urushi lacquer to which increases the durability of the drawers and stand, as well as adding a water resistance to them. What's more the urushi lacquer adds a wonderful lustre to wood.

Made using traditional methods that still fit in today's modern era

Traditional Nanbu Tekki Fittings

The Iwayado Drawers feature one thing that is unique and are not found on other Japanese Tansu, which is the use of metal fixtures for decorative purposes. 

When it comes to the metal fittings that are used, there is the hand hammered type of fitting, where a craftsman carefully hammers and marks with a chisel a pattern on the iron or copper plate , or the nanbu tekki type of fitting, which is a cast metal type, and for this project we have decided on the use of nanbu tekki type of metal fittings.

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