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Thanks to the way the puzzle is created, there are virtually no gaps between pieces when fit together properly. There is a clearance of just 0.004mm between each piece! This means that it feels so good when you find the perfect pieces! 

Fits with no gaps!

ZIREL - Super difficult Symbols of Japan Puzzle!

One of the hardest puzzles in the world! A Made in Japan mirror finished metal puzzle that features symbols of Japan! Employing Japanese press die casting technology with extravagant alloy, this puzzle is perfect for passing the time! What’s more when finished, it makes for a brilliant interior piece. With only 16 pieces, it is deceptively hard, and will stump you for hours!

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​A mirror finish makes it harder to distinguish front and back

As we are a precision parts maker, we have used this chance to show off the best of our abilities. Each side has a mirror finish to it, which makes it impossible to tell which side goes up or down, which helps to hopefully double the time you’ll be pondering over this puzzle.

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