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Inden-like Paper-made Traditional Handicraft

These wonderful embossed paper products are made using special printing techniques in downtown Tokyo inspired by traditional items! Available as a special notebook, a concertina-style opening book or just beautiful covers that can protect your favourite books! With a vast selection of cover patterns to choose from that draws on traditional auspicious patterns important to Japanese culture, you're spoilt for choice!  

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The items that are on offer are based on traditional Japanese handicrafts, which have a long history of use when visiting shrines and temples. They were used to collect stamps which would bestow blessings to those that received the stamps. Nowadays they are perfect for being used as a notebook or artist's sketchbook!

Charming stationery thats more than just stationery

A whole variety of patterns to choose from based on traditional Japanese patterns

There are a whole selection of patterns that you can choose to pick when the project has ended, including a special new pattern based on the family crest of Oda Nobunaga, famous Samurai warlord! 

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