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This coat will become the centerpiece of any outfit! Wear it over a T-shirt and sweatpants to give a Japanese vibe to your outfit! There is ample space in the sleeves, so you can also wear it over garments with thick sleeves or a kimono. Its wide hem also gives it the allure of a cape coat when combined with Western clothes. Moreover, the Haori has 4 pockets, allowing you to store your essentials and go out without carrying a bag!

A design blending Japanese and Western styles & a comfy shape

New Haori Coat | A Stylish Japanese Touch to Your Outfit

A design mixing the best of Japanese and Western fashion to achieve both comfort and style! Finished by skilled craftsmen in Gunma prefecture, this new kind of Haori matches Western clothes just as well as Japanese garments.

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100% cotton, easy to wash!

100% cotton, this haori coat is easy to clean, care for and can be washed in the machine! Weaved in a way to recreate the looks of “Tsumugi” silk brocade, the fabric has a slightly firm and thick texture to it. It has no inner lining but creates a layer of air that acts as insulation!

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