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The inside of the pot is coated with a special crosslinked fluorine coating that helps to prevent burnt food and dirt from sticking to the surface. You can clean it just by giving it a quick wash and that's it! No need to rub oils into it or season it, it works as is!

As the pot is made of 99% pure carbon graphite and has been finished with a 600°C heat-resistant finish, it makes it suitable for use with a vast variety of cookware and by just heating the pot for 8 minutes you can experience the most exquisitely delicious rice you’ve ever had the chance to eat!

Easy to use, easy to clean

The HOMUSUBI Pot: A High Tech Carbon Graphite Pot

Kitchenware that allows any home chef to make professional-tasting food! Make anything from stews & curries as well as rice! Useable with a whole variety of heat sources including gas, induction hobs, ovens, and microwave oven, this pot is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use or even in natural disasters!

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A special design that lends itself to waterless cooking!

Thanks to this amazing waterless cooking design, it is possible to create even more flavourful meals than normal, as the lid keeps in any flavor-filled moisture that would normally escape. It also means that you can cook vegetables and meat without any need for extra water. Stews and curries and so on can be made just by heating the pot!

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