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Hokusai Woodblock Prints: Traditional Printing of Art

Using techniques passed down for 200 years, we want to bring art to the world that is created in a truly unique way. Katsushika Hokusai and ukiyo-e or woodblock prints are extremely well known, and you probably have seen one for yourself online or maybe in person. Now's your chance to get your chance to pick one up for yourself!

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The Six-Tiered Pagoda piece of art comes from Hokusai’s Shinhinagata, known in English as the Book of New Designs, which collected various pieces of his artwork and was first published in 1836. After the first edition printing, the woodblocks were moved around to various different publishers, and today reside with UNSODO. From that first edition book, they have taken the Six-Tiered Pagoda, which was spread over four pages, and created a print that would work as a modern interior design piece, by using the original woodblocks, which are now nearly 200 years old, and carefully using a gold colour, the artist prints onto tracing paper

A limited item that is extremely limited

Carefully recreated by talented artisans

The creation of woodblock prints starts with a painter creating the original image, then a carver takes this original image as a base and carves out different blocks dependent on the colours used, and then a painting artist uses the various woodblocks and while checking against the colour of the original mixes paints and rubs the colour onto the block and creates the copy of the art. It is a traditional style of printing that is a division of labour. 

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