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The Dantsuki Pot has been upgraded, making it function with not only normal gas and electric hobs, but also induction heating hobs! With this IH functionality, you can make cooking at the dining table even safer, without needing any open-flame portable hobs! Make amazing dinners like steamed chicken leg and mushrooms! It smells amazing, is ready to eat straight away, and is super healthy! ♪ The best part is, it also works with the oven! Perfect to make gratins! And because the pot is light, you can take it out just with one hand with ease! 

New for Kickstarter! Introducing the IH Compatible Pot

Kodengu IH Dantsuki Pot: Bring Asian Cooking Into Your Home!

Bring a new style of cooking to your table. Invite your friends and family to experience new cuisines made possible with this pot! The Kodengu Series is getting a new member to its family, a special hammer-marked pot that is also IH compatible! Make delicious-tasting pot stews or even luxurious cheese fondues without needing to leave the dining table!

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Make super healthy nutritious steamed food with ease

You can use the Seiro to steam veggies and warm up cheese to make a super tasty dip for said veggies. As steamed food doesn’t tend to use oil and instead heats food with the steam, this allows for excess fat to be cut. Through steaming, nutrients don’t seep out of the ingredients easily, meaning that they hold on to the nutritional value while also having a wonderful umami flavor to them. By stacking the steamers on top of each other, you can steam two things at once!

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