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New Screw Hinged Large Sized Higonokami Knives

Thanks to the well-received wide and thin style screw-hinged Higonokami, the creators are back with VG10 screw-hinged large-size knives! These hinges differ from the original hinges of the Higonokami which can't be easily adjusted, as you can loosen and tighten them to your preference! These also utilise high-quality steel perfect for if you're using them often outdoors! What's more, you can choose a special kanji character if you wish from a selection available! 

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First featured in the last Higonokami project, the creators of the knife have taken a specially made screw hinge and added it to the traditional Higonokami! Utilised on the L and LL sizes of the Higonokami, this screw hinge lets you adjust the tightness of the hinge with ease, and even disassemble it for easy cleaning.  

A specialised screw hinge

An Outstanding Edge

The larger-sized screw hinge knives use VG10 for the core of the blade, which means that the knife has a long-lasting super sharp edge! The smaller blades also use high-quality Aogami no.2 steel, a durable steel that holds its edge as well! Be it the smaller size or the larger size, you can be sure that the knife will support you through all your outdoor needs!

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