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Derived From Samurai Armor, Warm Up With a Japanese Haramaki

From Japan to your homes, treat yourself to the warmth and comfort of a soft traditional Japanese haramaki. Made to keep you warm while you're relaxing, or to help you when you have a tummy upset or back pains, the haramaki takes roots from traditional Japanese samurai armour. With cute little illustrations added to give the haramaki a little extra flair, why not pick up one when the project launches!

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The material that is used to create the haramaki has a special ceramic kneaded into it, which makes the haramaki able to absorbs and release a small amount of thermal energy, that can warm the body. This effect persists after washing as well, meaning that it can keep you warm whenever you need!

A Smooth and Warm Special Material

Made to stretch and fit perfectly with an added pocket!

The haramaki is rather stretchy, with the top section being ribbed so that it fits and doesn't fall down. lower part is jersey knit, which is thinner and covers more comfortably from the stomach to the hips. What's more, a pocket can be found on the front of the haramaki that can be used to hold a warm gel pack, or just to put your phone inside!

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