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Hakama Pants 2 | Discover Japanese KAMEDAJIMA

Beautiful flowing pants made using traditional fabric, perfect as loungewear or for a quick pop to the shops! The culmination of traditional fabric,and trousers that can be found in Asia since ages past, these pants also incorporate a pattern that is close to many Japanese people's hearts, the Edo Stripe! With launch specials avaialable letting you get these wonderful pants at 30% off the future RRP, sign up so you can get informed before the returns disappear! 

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The kamedejima fabric is a fabric that is traditionally made in Kameda, Niigata Prefecture, and is a popular fabric that can be seen in traditional ukiyo-e, or wood block prints. The pants are available in 3 varieties of strips, as well as a plain Ink Black, perfect for those that like simple clothing! 

Uses the traditional Edo Stripes pattern

Made wholly in Japan

The creation of the pants are made wholly in Japan, from the creation of the fabric itself, to the sewing and manufacturing of the pants. The pants are sewn at a factory with high-technology equipment, that also handles outdoor garments and clothes for domestic high-end brands 

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