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GRAVIMORPH: Bring Zen to your life with this piece of art

This beautiful piece of art, inspired by Japanese zen culture, relaxes the mind with its pleasant tones and calming movement. GRAVIMORPH is a portmanteau of two words, Gravitation and Morphology, and the creators are looking to bring to you a product that incorporates these two things to create a product that lets you bring zen to your life!

Special launch returns are available for the first 24 hours which lets you back the project and pick up a GRAVIMORPH at up to 30% off!  

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While only being made of simple shapes, the design of the pieces are elegant, and makes for an amazing piece of interior design. Be it a parlour room, a study, hotel lobby, a lounge, a high class bar, or a spa, the GRAVIMORPH works in a whole variety of rooms, from Japanese style rooms to Western style rooms. It has a weighty design that adds to its high class appeal.

A simple but luxurious design

Made using the skills honed in the manufacturing area of Tsubame-Sanjo

Grinding, cutting, and polishing, are said to be some of the most simple processes, but it is through these simple processes that you can see the difference in the advanced techniques and the many years of experience. The GRAVIMORPH was only made possible thanks to the joining of various amazing companies that reside in Tsubame-Sanjo. In total 8 companies are involved in the creation of the GRAVIMORPH

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