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S-Meister Mechanical Watches: Traditional meets modern​​

Using traditional Gold Leaf made in Kanazawa, these wonderful watches sport a stunning watch dial that mixes traditional & modern. With three beautiful models, a awesome platinum leaf, a incredible gold leaf, and a beautiful two tone silver leaf, you can choose the watch that most fits your everyday style. The project also launches with exclusive launch specials, letting you get up to 20% off the future RRP! 

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The beautiful gold leaf, as well as the platinum and silver leaf are made using traditional techniques that have been in use for over 400 years. Entsuke Gold Leaf is made by extremely talented craftsmen who stretch and thin the metal until it is only 1/10000th mm thick. This way of making gold leaf is known as kanazawahaku and is made in the city of Kanazawa found in Ishikawa Prefecture. 

Utilising traditionally made gold leaf 

Made wholly in Japan

The watches are made wholly in Japan, with the dials being created in Kanazawa before they are sent to the creators of the project, where assembly of the watch is then tasked to their ateliers who create a beautiful watch. The watches are then tested for water resistance and then go through a strict quality control check. 

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