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The GOEMON Donabe: A piece of Japanese Cooking Culture

A handmade cooking utensil that is made by skilled artisans, bringing food literally to the table thanks to its heat retentiveness! Made using Banko-yaki, a pottery manufacturing method with 300 years of history, the creators who have 100 years of experience, are looking to bring traditional Japanese pottery to the rest of the world so that they can experience cooking with it! 

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The Goemon is made to be extremely thick, as well as it is made of porous clay. Air which helps to retain the heat when heated. Porous clay contains a lot of air and as such, the Goemon retains heat extraordinarily well, meaning that you can cook the food in the pot and then serve it at the table in the pot which keeps it warm!

High Heat Retentivity

A special dual-lided structure activated by pressure

The dual lid helps to not only prevent spillage but also functions like a pressure cooker when cooking. The inner lid helps to trap moisture inside, allowing for it to permeate through the ingredients. This means that when making steamed foods, the heat penetrates right through the food making it even more delicious.

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