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High Quality Art Prints Featuring Godzilla

Ukiyo-e like prints that utilise the Godzilla that appears in Godzilla Minus One! Also inspired by traditional ukiyo-e works! The King of the Monster can now be displayed in your home, in fine art form, and there are two variants to choose from. These Giclee prints are made using special high-function ink jet printers letting you see the prints in high detail!

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It has been 70 years since his birth when the first movie was released in 1954, which was a massive hit setting a record for first-day ticket sales in Tokyo, and drawing an audience of 9.61 million. Since then, the Godzilla series has seen over 30 domestically made films, with the series as a whole being viewed by over 100 million people, and to this day, the series draws in crowds regardless of age or gender and is extremely popular.  With these amazing prints, you can have Godzilla towering over you in your own living room, making a striking impression for all to see!

Featuring the King of the Monsters

Utilising traditionally made Washi Paper

For the prints, the highest quality Echizen washi paper is used, which is made by Iwano Heizaburo Seishisho, a paper-making company that was founded in the Meiji period and is famous for its handmade paper. 

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