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GISAKU Premium: A unique damascus using traditional methods

A precision made grip combined with a damascus blade made with techniques used for Japanese katanas results in a wonderful knife set! With a specially made blade that uses special damascus that is unlike modern damascus steel, the GISAKU Premium will make a stunning addition to your kitchen. With special returns that let early users pick up a knife at a brilliant discount, don't miss out and sign up today!

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The unique grip that is featured on this knife helps to balance the blade, which means that the knife is comfortable in your hand, as well as helping you to maintain a great cutting angle when you use it. This design is all thanks to a Tool Professor, Shokichi Matsutani, who has researched grips and knives over many years. Taking the blade into account, the grip has been made to be harmonious with the design, and thus a striking unique grip has been made. Another feature is that due to the design of the grip, the blade doesn’t make your hands feel tired even after cutting a lot of things for a while. It is perfectly balanced, not being too light or too heavy!

A unique grip designed by a tool professor

A new style of Damascus born from Japanese Swordsmithing techniques

What makes this different from normal damascus steel knives is that this steel is made by layering various steels alternatively and then using a core of VG10.This special manufacturing process is then complete when the steel is hammered, then grinded, and then polished, which results in a special unique pattern on the face of the knife. Even if the blade is sharpened, this pattern won’t disappear. Each knife is also unique thanks to the hammering that is done by hand. 

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