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Ginsenka: A Japanese Cooking Knife With a Unique Design

With a stainless steel blade and grip, it is extremely sharp and perfectly compact. A brilliant mix of functionality & beauty! This amazing knife is made to look like a traditional Japanese blade while also showing off the amazing crafting techniques that can be found in Japan today, with a beautifully wrapped stainless steel handle and outstandingly sharp knife edge! 

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For the Kickstarter project, the creators of the blade have added a special finish to the handle, which not only gives it a blue or green colour, but also makes them more rust resistant, as well as being better in regards to their anti-bacterial properties. This makes them even more hygienic when it comes to using them for cooking

A Uniquely Coloured Handle

An Excellently Sharp Edge That Lasts! 

The thickness of the blade is just 1.3mm, which reduces the frictional resistance between the blade and the ingredients. 
The blade itself is made from sturdy stainless steel that is abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, known as NSS-WR-2. It is heat-treated to a hardness of 56 HRC and has a double bevel convex edge that allows this thin blade to cut for longer.

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