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Gensaiyo Tumblers: Made by an artisan infusing sacred clay

Using glaze on clay from sacred grounds from each prefecture in Shikoku, a truly iconic cup! The Gensaiyo Tumbler is the fusion of the spirit of peace that has a base in the Shikoku O-Henro, or pilgrimage, and modern day pottery techniques, making the project extremely special. The clay for the glaze has been taken from the sacred ground at Senyuji Temple. It is said that the clay is infused with sacred energy, and as this is used to make the tumblers, these tumblers themselves are infused with this special energy. 

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Each cup is made by Mr. Kono, a nationally certified first-grade technician, and they are all made by hand. While they make use of traditional techniques, they are pieces that are made to fit in with a Western modern space. They are durable and hard to break, and have brilliant heat retention properties! 

Handmade by a skilled artisan

Using sacred clay as part of the glaze

This tumbler uses clay that has been taken from Senyuji Temple, the 58th temple on the pilgrimage, as part of the glaze. This temple’s clay is said to be infused with sacred energy, and by using it as a glaze, it passes this energy onto the cup. 

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