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THE FISHING NET BAG:A mesh bag made of recycled fishing nets

A stylish and sustainable solution to plastic waste, this sturdy mesh bag is perfect for outdoor and everyday uses! Looking to solve the problems that arise due to ghost gear, i.e. fishing nets that are thrown in the sea when they become old, the FISHING NET BAG is made by makers of fishing nets who feel a responsibility to help reduce waste in the ocean! On launch there are special returns that let you pick up a eco friendly bag at up to 30% off! 

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As the bag is made out of net, it of course has excellent breathability, and even if it gets wet, it quickly dries, meaning that it is quite resilient to mould and humidity. Be it a wet bath or beach towel, or just a change of clothes, you don’t need to worry too much about what you put in! 

Perfect for a day at the beach!

A three layer makeup that gives you peace of mind!

The bag is made by sandwiching waste netting between new nets.

The waste net has undergone a special treatment to fully cleanse the bag and can be safely used. We decided on using new netting, which is found on the outside and inside that will touch your belongings and come in contact with your skin, for your peace of mind.

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