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We help launch several projects on Kickstarter monthly, helping amazing Japanese Creators connect to amazing backers in the West!

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One of the features of the Minimalism Tote-Bag is all you have to do is squish it into the pocket and squeeze to close the bag up! Hassle-free, you can store it properly every time. Also, it can be made incredibly small as it doesn't require any additional space or accessories for storage!

No more complicated folding!

Minimalism Tote-Bag | A Small Bundle of Japanese Technology

Made of ultra-thin, high-density fabric this smart tote bag can be stored in seconds, no folding needed, with its super compact design! A smart design that makes folding stress-free, and a compact 5cm diameter, easy to store away! It can unfold in a second, so there is no need to hurry when you need to put your things in. This bag has been designed for the best ease of use! 

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Two types of bag to choose from

With the launch of the Kickstarter, you can get the chance to get either a regular bag or a large bag, each which are available in 6 different colours! Choose from white, yellow, orange, red, grey, or black! These bags are strong enough to be used as your main bag! 

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