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The Washi Gurashi bedding makes the most of the natural benefits of plants to give you a good night's sleep! Manila hemp, the raw material found in washi paper, is naturally porous, and the countless holes in each fiber give it various characteristics such as air permeability, water absorption, as well as quick-drying, and deodorizing properties. With their deodorant properties, the fiber’s many pores catch dirt as they come in contact with the skin. Another feature is its high moisture absorbency and retention, absorbing both perspired and evaporated sweat, much higher than cotton and other fabrics. This reduces discomfort caused by humidity while sleeping!

Some neat properties of washi yarn

Washi Gurashi - A Soft and Sustainable Washi Paper Bedding

Create a comfortable space with this unique Japanese washi paper bedding, gentle on your skin, health, and the environment! Washi is a popular paper that Japanese people have used in their daily life since ancient times, but not only! It is also made from natural fibers with minimal use of chemicals and is the perfect material for bedding! Entirely biodegradable, it can be buried in the soil in the garden instead of being disposed of in the garbage when you decide to no longer use it! The product will biodegrade and return to the soil in a short period of time under the action of microorganisms, avoiding any environmental pollution!

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A sustainable and gentle material

This fabric made of natural materials is recommended for babies and people with sensitive skin. Washi is not prone to shedding and does not irritate the skin even if some fuzzy fibers appear on the surface. The fabric, made from natural plants with minimal use of chemicals, is hypoallergenic as well as dye and bleach-free! As objective proof of its gentleness and safety, this fabric obtained the international safety certification “OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100” for products class 1 with the strictest requirements.

It is not only gentle on your skin, but also on the environment! Manila hemp, the raw material for this product, is a fast-growing perennial plant that regenerates itself in about three years after harvest, as such, it is environmentally friendly and does not lead to environmental destruction. In addition, this product is made of 100% Japanese paper fiber and does not use any metal fasteners. 

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