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Ergoransel Backpack: Traditional Japanese backpack updated!

Taking inspiration from traditional elementary school backpacks, the Ergoransel is comfortable, durable, and can hold all you need! Randoseru are an icon of modern Japanese culture, and the creators aim is to bring their unique qualities to people all over the world! Through this project, they hope to help people discover both the beauty and functionality of these traditional pieces of Japanese culture!

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While the creators have kept the unique qualities and design sense of the original randoseru, they have also made it more comfortable and practical like that of a mountain climber's backpack.

The unique design of the randoseru combined with stylish usability! 

Fit all you need in a compact but spacious main pocket

You can fit all you need inside without worry! Pack a tiny office inside your backpack, as you can fit all the following items inside and with space to spare! 
Laptop, mouse, cables, notepad, pens, water bottle, wallet, car keys, sunglasses, mobile battery, mobile WIFI, etc. Cleanly organise your personal effects, that would normally get jumbled in your backpack! 

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