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When you are not carrying it on your back, backpack straps tend to be in the way. That is why this unique unobtrusive bag is equipped with straps that disappear with a swoosh! The straps are sucked inside the bag and out of the way by a special mechanism when you put it down! To top it off, the length of the straps can easily be adjusted with one push of a button, an ingenious mechanism that keeps the chosen length in memory as you release the button!

Retractable Straps & Length Memory

SchuBELT: The Smart Bag with Retractable Straps!

Extra-functional, this bag is a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag all at once, and it gets annoying straps out of your way thanks to an original mechanism! Now available in a larger model with expandable storage, this simple, hyper-functional and stylish bag will be the only companion you need in both casual and formal settings!

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Hyper-Functional & Expandable Storage

The SchuBelt storage space is designed to hold everything you need and more in a neatly organized way to make accessing its content a breeze!

Equipped with a laptop compartment that can hold A4 documents, Macbook Air, Ipad, wallet, charger, keyboard, earphones etc, and a main compartment with a 180° opening for a water bottle or umbrella, change of clothes, towel, notebook, pens, portable battery etc, you will not want for space!

the SchuBelt L's storage space can also be expanded thanks to an ingenious wrap-around zipper!

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