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The Ductile Pan Series: Thin, Light, and Rust-Resistant

Japanese cast ironware with a special surface finish that is non-stick and rust-resistant despite the absence of coatings. While cast iron pans are brilliant when it comes to heat conductivity and heat retentivity, their biggest flaw is their weight and thickness of them. Using the skills and knowledge we have built and cultivated over the past 70s, and using the past three years and over 1000 different prototypes, we have created a pan that is lightweight, thin, and easy to use, more so than any other iron pan out there.

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As the pan isn't coated, the thermal conductivity isn't compromised. What's more Iron is extremely good as cookware due to its natural properties, allowing for the heat to pass through with ease. What's more as it is made of cast iron, it can be used with all heat sources, including gas, induction, ceramic, and electric hobs. It can also be used in ovens and for barbecues!

High Heat Conductivity

Lighter than other conventionial ironware

The Ductile Series Pans are half the weight of conventional ironware, while being around the same strength, making them an item that you can use for years!

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