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The way that the wallet has been created means that while it looks compact and small, when opened up, you can store a variety of notes, cards and coins on the inside! You can put up to 5 cards inside and it has been designed to hold up to 15 larger overseas bank notes!

Small, compact, but full of space!

dritto 3|Money Clip Leather Wallet

A new product from PLOWS, a company that contributes to the local community with agriculture as its base. Working out of Esashi, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, PLOWS wishes to bring to you a special Japanese made wallet, that mixes Italian made leather with Japanese craftsmanship, to create a wallet that is minimalistic and stylish, while also aging slowly over time. While it is minimalistic in style it is rather functional!

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3 fold wallet that has the properties of a 2 fold wallet!

While the dritto 3 unfolds into like a 3 fold wallet, you can actually use it like a bifold wallet, just by unlatching the fastener, you can easily remove any notes or cards that you would like to use! It even has a special pocket on the back which you can use to put a card that you want easy access to as well!

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