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Foam made using the Awa Magic Towel is made of smaller and denser bubbles, allowing it to absorb and exfoliate the skin cells easily! By creating a thick dense foam with normal soap that has fine particles, using the same amount of soap, you can clean and remove even more dirt! This is due to the fact that the finer the foam, the stronger the surface tension that can pull up the sebum that has been dissolved in soap, making it more efficient in cleaning the body.

What’s more, if you use the Awa Magic towel, you don’t need to scrub hard, just rubbing it over your body is effective. This thick dense foam removes the dirt, i.e. the dead skin cells and sebum, leaving your skin fresh and clean!

A thick and dense foam with just a little bit of soap!

Awa Magic Towel: Made to supress odours & clean your body!

Make a whipped cream like foam with just a little soap and water, that cleans deeply, made by the #1 towel making factory in Japan! Awa Magic has been developed in Japan, a country that is full of hot springs and has a rich bathing culture. The Awa Magic Towel looks to use only a small amount of soap and water to create a thick dense foam that is able to remove any dirt that can be found on the body. It is also anti-odourising, making it great for bath times, and is made to be friendly to both humans and the environment. 

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Anti-odour pure silver fibres, µ-func®

When you use normal towels, the grime and dirt tends to linger on the towel, which leads to the towels becoming smelly overnight. This is due to the breakdown of the sebum and so on that is left on the towel. 

The Awa Magic is different, with its patented technology, special semi-permanent polyester µ-func® fibres which help to keep bad odours down, woven into the fabric.

After testing the towel after 200 washes, it still retained 99.9% of its odour-suppressing properties.

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