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Coffee Kyusu - Smooth & Tasty Coffee in Just Three Minutes

No filter needed! A coffee pot created with traditional Japanese craft, Banko-yaki. that allows you to extract delicious coffee.  The project is a labour of love for the creator, with the creator being a huge coffee fan, and wanting to mix traditional manufacturing methods, their love for coffee, as well as making coffee more environmentally friendly! Get yourself a Coffee Kyusu via the amazing launch returns that are available for the first 24 hours, which is 30% off the future RRP!

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Banko-yaki is made from a local red clay that is high in iron. The shidei kyusu teapot is fired without glaze and has become a symbol of Banko-yaki. Using the iron-rich red Banko clay, it is baked for a long time using a method that absorbs the tartness of the tea and mellows its taste. This also has an amazing effect on the coffee that is brewed within

Made using traditional Banko-yaki methods

Brew a cup of coffee in just 2 mins

To make a batch of coffee with the Coffee Kyusu, all you need to do is put your coffee grinds inside the stainless steel filter, pour in the appropriate amount of hot water, and wait 2 minutes. This Pot will be your new best friend, especially on busy mornings!

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