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The main material that is used to make the blade is VG10 that has been made in Fukui Prefecture and the whole blade is made of it. This steel alloy contains a mix of carbon, chrome, molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt, which allows for a ultra-high performance material that can attain high levels of hardness, abrasion and wear resistance, durability, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance! While it’s not possible to add a damascus steel pattern to the blade, to give it a special design, this knife is a knife of true performance, and has been designed with quality and functionality at the forefront of the bladesmiths' minds, with an extremely fine edge of just 0.001mm for a superb cutting performance.

A high-quality blade for an outstanding performance and durability

The Shinobu Knife Series: A Solid VG10 Knife!

With a solid blade made from VG10 steel as well as a handle made from Yamazakura wood, this knife series is here to bring joy to your kitchen! This special knife series is born from a collaboration between Sumikama Co, a company based in Seki City with over 100 years history in bladesmithing, and COCOCORO, a popular Japanese YouTube cooking channel!

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A design and comfortable grip

The handle of the blade has been made to naturally fit most peoples’ hands, and without needing to put any extra effort into it, you can chop ingredients with ease! Made of Yamazakura wood, it is designed to be slightly rounded, not to hinder you whether you’re left or right-handed, and has been finished by skilled craftsmen! Ultra-light, it lets you cut even hard ingredients without the need to put to much pressure on your fingers and wrists.

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