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Each lamp made is unique and different from the next, as they each have their own pattern! Each piece of obi fabric is carefully selected to let the light beautifully shine through, and to look amazing regardless of the light being on or off! The color variations represent Japan’s four seasons, and in Japan, enjoying the changes of each season with all 5 of one's senses is considered a way of life.

Unique Pieces

Obi x HIKARI Lamp: Bringing You Closer to Japanese Tradition

Upcycling traditional Japanese Obi, giving it new life as a lampshade showing off Japan’s famous four seasons! Each lamp is 100% handmade and unique, letting you enjoy both the quality of Japan's world-renowned silk Obi and the exquisite work of meticulous Japanese lamp craftsmen.

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100% handmade by skilled artisans

The dexterity skill and attentiveness of the Japanese lamp makers allow each lamp to be finished by hand with great care. The gentle and soft light that shines from the top and bottom of the lampshade further accentuates the charms of the obi fabric creating a tranquil space. The wood base comes in two different colors to choose from, natural and dark brown, allowing it to fit in any kind of design style or space.

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