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CHUP Socks: Japanese made High Functional socks

Utilising high-quality merino wool spun in Japan combined with Japanese-made nylon yarn that has deodorising properties! These socks are made by a company that has been making socks for 32 years, and are fully made in Japan. The creators are looking to utilise their experience combined with the amazing technology of  another Japanese company to create some super deodorising socks!  

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A combination of the natural anti-odour properties of the merino wool as well as the nylon that also has deodorising properties can be found in the sole. On top of being able to absorb a large amount of ammonia odours and so on in a short amount of time, thanks to the amount of anti-odour elements found in the fabric, its degree of saturation is also extremely high. You can experience a brilliant speed of absorption as well as a brilliantly large amount of absorption all in one. 

Utilising a fusion of Merino Wool and deodorising nylon 

Gentle to the touch

For many, they might have an image of wool being prickly, but this is because of the thickness of the fibres of most wool. With Merino wool, it is much thinner than most wool, making it smooth and soft to the touch. 

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