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OUROBOROS CARABINER CLIP: Strong, Versatile, and Stylish

A luminescent set of clips that are extremely sturdy, allowing you to carry up to 50kg! It is great for a wide range of situations! Using some of the toughest plastic, these clips are here to support you in all your adventuring needs, as well as being able to hold your bag up in a pinch if you're out and about! They are 100% made in Japan, and extremely weatherable! 

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With a load resistance of 25kg and 50kg for the SBINA, you can carry a whole variety of items, from lanterns, frying pans, extra large bottles full of water, and so on with ease. (Depending on how you use the carabiner, the load that it can carry may differ.) You can even use it to clip up your hand luggage or bags, making it perfect for everyday use! What makes it strong is the Polycarbonate which is five times stronger than ABS, ten times stronger than polyvinyl chloride (known as PVC), and fifty times stronger than PE & acrylic. When compared to general-use plastic it is more than 250 times stronger

Can Hold Over 25kg & Is Incredibly Strong

Glows In The Dark

The SBINA and OUROBOROS CLIP OBORO have been created so that if left in direct sunlight or fluorescent light, it will “charge” and glow in the dark, which makes it great at night or in emergencies. This luminescence is added directly to the material used to create the clips, so you don’t need to worry about any paints that other luminescent items might use. It also means that it will be luminescent for a long time to come. It also helps when you’re trying to hang things in the dark. 

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